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CityMaaS Assist partners with Disability Rights UK

CityMaaS will be working with Disability Rights UK (DRUK) to promote friction-less travel for disabled people and mutual advisory services.  This partnership will lead to the setting up of round-table discussions, rolling out of testing plans, research and promotional activities. Rene Perkins, CEO of CityMaaS, will be providing commercial advisory services to DRUK while DRUK CEO […]

CityMaaS Assist Partners with AccessAdvisr

CityMaaS will be working with AccessAdvisr in the UK and Australia to enhance the fantastic work they have done improving accessibility for thousands of people.  Venue accessibility is a big part of the CityMaaS Assist ecosystem.  Rob Trent, Founder of AccessAdvisr, will also be joining CityMaaS Asisst as Chief Accessibility Officer, overseeing all aspects of local […]

CityMaaS Assist partners with Iomob

CityMaaS will be working with blockchain start-up Iomob.  Iomob combines open source and blockchain technology to decentralise mobility and will provide an important component of CityMaaS Assist’s routing and payments engine. Rene Perkins, CEO of CityMaaS said “Iomob share a clear direction with us, promoting a seamless travel experience across all forms of mobility.  We […]