Grow Your Business By

Being Inclusive.

Did you know...

There are 14 million people in the UK with a disability with a spending potential of £274 billion/year?

According to the UN, 1 in 5 people are disabled.

The CityMaaS Digital accessibility information and services platform helps businesses to increase sales across websites and physical locations, from estate agents to retail.

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"I would like to spend more than i already do, but i can't because it's such a laborious task. If websites/apps and stores were more accessible, then i'd spend more because i'd have no restrictions. The purple pound is worth a lot, but business don't seem to realise this and put the effort into making their products and websites accessible in order to benefit from the Purple pound."

Meet Our Team

Headquarter in London UK, we are a global team that spans from Asia, Europe and the America’s

Serial entrepreneur with 12 years’ consultancy and investment banking and 6 years’ start up experience. Advisory board for Scope and Disability Rights UK. Forward-looking strategic thinker and doer.

Chartered. accountant (ACA) with FinTech, blockchain and mobility startup experience. Previously raised £8mm ICO and £1.5mm equity, growing company to 100 people.

Vikas Nair bio pic

Vikas Nair

Lead Data Scientist

Published data scientist with extensive startup and commercialisation experience.

Shafia Shahis bio pic

Shafia Shahid

Software Engineer

Experienced and award-winning full stack developer with a passion for making positive changes.

Shiny bio pic


Marketing Executive

Award-winning creative talent with multi-disciplinary skills, focusing on marketing & growth. Working with a team of marketers to expand CityMaaS awareness.

Shruthi Divakar bio photo

Shruthi Nambiar


16+ years’ design industry experience, passionate & dedicated creative arts and design professional with focus on Graphic & Visual Design with diverse skillsets.